Youth Workshops
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Hip-Hop and the Keys to Success
How today’s most successful rappers overcame great difficulties to achieve superstardom.

Handle Your Business (Financial Fitness for the Hip-Hop Generation)
How today’s rappers become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

The Hidden Message in Your Favorite Videos
Analyzing music videos and the effects on youth self esteem and self image.

The True Meaning of Gangsters and Thugs
A reality based examination of an often glamorized lifestyle.

Perception is Reality
Understanding the stereotypes and misconceptions placed on Hip-Hop fashion and language.

The Word Became Flesh
How the writing of a simple rhyme led to the creation of a global industry.

MC Workshop
Educating young rappers on obtaining the proper rules and tools in order to succeed in the music industry.

Hip-Hop History
Exploring Hip-Hop from its humble beginnings to its explosion into the mainstream consciousness.

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