Lyrics Incorporated Services

The following services are provided with all workshops and activities:
• Consultation with a LYRICS staff member, an experienced professional, in designing workshop focus, format, activities and strategies.
• Facilitation (or co-facilitation) of the workshop by a LYRICS staff member.
• Development and assistance in the production of materials needed to support workshop activities.
• Evaluation forms for participants and an evaluation analysis of the workshop

Customized Workshops
LYRICS Inc. offers customized workshops tailor-made to fit your educational needs. All workshops are interactive allowing the participants to practice and utilize the concepts they are learning. Innovative education requires innovative thinking. LYRICS Inc. offers just that in the form of customized in-service workshops and courses.

Increase Youth Participation in Your Program
LYRICS Inc. specializes in recruitment strategies aimed at increasing youth participation in your event. LYRICS Inc. uses the ever growing influence of Hip-Hop through marketing, music, and media to catch the attention of today’s youth. LYRICS Inc. will approach your program with an analytical eye and advise in ways your program can be enhanced to attract, cultivate and retain youth participation.

Youth Workshops
LYRICS Inc. believes that merging education and entertainment will positively impact young rappers and entrepreneurs by showing them the benefit of an education to their future careers in a relatable fashion. Youths receive personal attention from caring adults, are given an opportunity to seriously explore their intended career, develop a sense of belonging to a group of likeminded individuals, develop new friendships, take on challenging leadership roles, and build a sense of self-esteem not solely based on academic talent. [click here for more details]

Adult Workshops
LYRICS Inc. informs parents, educators, and organizations regarding this global phenomenon, Hip-Hop; that is profoundly affecting the language, fashion, and behavior of today’s youth. It is the position of LYRICS Inc. that the more adults know and understand about the current state of Hip-Hop, the more they are able to help youth distinguish between negative and positive images. LYRICS Inc. believes that success lies in eliminating the barriers created by misunderstanding. [click here for more details]

Mediation is a way of involving young people in managing conflict using a series of methods that promote inclusiveness, mutual respect and self-esteem. It involves the mediator guiding those in conflict through a series of steps leading to resolution.

LYRICS Inc. can create and facilitate a retreat that helps your organization build effective relationships with youths allowing your organization to become even more successful. Whether it’s to help your educators understand their own children and what’s missing from their particular communication styles or to identify the organization’s mission and how it can relate to today’s youth, LYRICS Inc. can help you and your team work more effectively together.